Sacred Breath Rebirthing

Wanneer: vrijdag 7 september 2018
Tijd: van 13:00 tot 16:00 uur
Je bent welkom vanaf 12:30 uur
Bijdrage: €45,-

Goed om te weten
Draag makkelijk zittende kleding
Paulo spreekt Engels, er zijn vertalers aanwezig als dat voor jou nodig is

Deze workshop is geschikt voor maximaal 12 deelnemers

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Sacred Breath Rebirthing

Sacred Breath Rebirthing is an interactive workshop where Paolo da Floresta of Rebirthing Scandinavia invites you to use your breath to move prana or vital energy through the body. This method often opens up the emotional, mental, physical and energic bodies of the participants which can unlock supressed memories, emotions and release blockages of all natures.  It can often be a deep process and for some many insights may present thereselves.  You will be safely guided through this process by Paolo who has been working with Rebirthing since 2012 and with the breath since 2004.

Sacred Breath sessions are based on the work Paulo has previously done with Rebirthing breathwork as learned from the master in this field Leonard Orr and combined with my exploration and experience with Trauma release exercises, Cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki healing touch and Pranayama. It is a flowing non aggressive way to work with the breath and the body. Moving pranic energy through the body the process can often  energize, relax, release emotional blockages and memories of past important life events can also surface on such a deep journey.

Is it a trance?
No, it is preferred to stay present and focused on the breathing throughout the journey but if the breathing induces a spacey altered state of consciousness it is also quite fine to flow with it in a natural way and see what it brings.

The work is best done without expectations and in a state of openness to what may come…. in that way we let go of the control and surrender to the gifts brought from consciously connecting the breathing cycles.

The breath is in two parts, masculine and feminine, active and passive, inhale and exhale, merging into a oneness. This process can be truly beautiful when dived into. This work is circular like the breath, there is a beginning, continuation and completion.

After there will be an integration period the days and sometimes weeks after a deep session in which it is recommended to nurture yourself, be mindful or your daily interactions and journal anything that comes up in daily life.

If this resonates with you, your almost ready, feel welcome to contact me and maybe we shall journey on a magic carpet ride soon……

Remember the breath is sacred and the body is our holy temple of the soul-of-man.

About Paulo da Floresta

My name is Paolo and I have been studying and practicing healing arts since 2002, amongst my influences are Rebirthing, Yoga, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Freediving and Aquatic bodywork.

My main aim in life is to embody health and wellness and to inspire as many people as possible to shine their true light on our world. I hold regular events and ceremonies throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

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